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Lead Testing in Oregon and Southern Washington

At Environment Testing & Training Northwest of Oregon, we know the dangers of lead-based paint, and more accurately lead dust, have been well known for decades. Even minor exposure to a child can cause damage to the central nervous system and affect a child’s brain. Through diligence and proper monitoring, our goal at is to limit the chance that a child is ever exposed to a dangerous environment containing lead-based paint.

If your home or building was built or significantly renovated prior to 1980, chances are high that some lead-based paint is present. Location of a home does not necessarily affect the likelihood of lead’s presence. The 100-year-old colonial in an affluent suburb is just as likely to contain lead-based paint as is an inner city apartment.

Homeowners involved in renovation projects need to be especially diligent, as even minor demolition or sanding can cause a home to become completely contaminated with lead dust. (Even if your home is brand new, have your child tested for blood lead levels regularly. As more of the products we buy originate overseas, the greater the chances are that some merchandise containing lead can be brought into your home.)

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