About Environmental Testing & Training NorthWest

Environmental Testing & Training NorthWest has been serving the state of Oregon and southern Washington for over 10 years

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We have a dedicated and certified staff of Industrial Hygienists, Lead Inspectors, Field Technicians and Certified Laboratory Technicians that can provide you with the testing you require to complete your construction, re-construction, and clean up. This includes on-site critique and assessment of the overall area, sampling of the material, cataloging, and the completion of all reports and paperwork required by the DEQ, EPA, landfills, and other city regulations to allow you to complete your project, dispose of the debris and have the report available on- site during the project. Our certified laboratories provide the analysis of all samples taken from the site. We provide unbiased sampling, testing, analyzation, reporting, and training; we do not provide remediation, mitigation, or abatement services.


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