Testing Services


Homes older than 2004 and all commercial properties regardless of age are required to be tested prior to any home renovation. Our team can provide the entire service. Homeowners also have the option of dropping samples off for us to analyze and provide a report for any DIY projects.


Lead is an incredibly useful metal, but it is also toxic to humans. If your home or building was built or significantly renovated prior to 1978, chances are high that some lead-based paint is present. Our team can provide informative lead inspections to you or your business.

Drug Residue

ETTNW offers drug residue testing for methamphetamines and fentanyl, either from clandestine labs or consumption. We can perform testing in residential and commercial properties, and vehicles.


Mold is a living organism that belongs to the kingdom Fungi. By measuring the mold in the air, taking samples for analysis and completing a visual scan of your home, ETTNW’s trained staff of professionals can tell you what your house or business mold levels are - with a detailed description of the type of mold and possible health hazards.

Radon Gas

Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. It can seep into homes and other buildings through the breakdown of soil under the building. Our tests can measure radon in a home or other building. Dangerous levels of radon can be effectively mitigated.

Water and Soil

The best way to ensure the health of your plants is through proper soil and water pH testing. ETTNW provides the best equipment, personnel, experience and reputation to ensure accurate testing results you can trust.