Asbestos Testing in Oregon and Southern Washington

Asbestos was once considered the miracle mineral. Its heat and corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and general versatility made it a key ingredient for the industrial age. For this reason, asbestos is found, and sometimes still added to, a tremendous variety of building materials.

Unfortunately, when it was proven that exposure to asbestos caused cancer, all the benefits associated with this material were replaced with concerns over how to safely manage a carcinogen that is present in nearly every home and building constructed before the 1980’s.

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Environmental Testing & Training NorthWest has extensive experience managing all testing aspects of asbestos materials in homes, schools, hospitals and the workplace.

Environmental Testing & Training NorthWest can work with you, your architect or contractor to ensure that renovations, remodels, repairs, or demolition to your home or workplace are carried out safely and efficiently.

We have a dedicated and accredited staff of Industrial Hygienists, Lead Inspectors, Field Technicians and Certified Laboratory Technicians that will provide you with the testing you require to complete your environmental quality testing. We provide unbiased sampling, testing, analyzation, and reporting; we do not provide remediation, mitigation, or abatement services.

Asbestos Testing Services:

  • Surveys: On-site critique and assessment of the overall area, sampling of the material, cataloging, and the completion of all required reports and paperwork.
  • Air Clearances: Post-abatement air sampling, which is analyzed onsite and job site clearance report provided.
  • In House Lab Testing: We can provide results within 24HRS and offer rush services in as little as 2HR, per request.
  • Drop boxes are available 24HRS in Salem, Eugene, and Sherwood.
  • TEM and Tape Lifts

Most commonly found asbestos containing material:
Walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, siding, HVAC systems, insulation, pipes and more.
Waste Management facilities require asbestos surveys prior to the acquisition of a dump bin and disposal of building material and construction debris.

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