Radon Testing in Oregon and Southern Washington

Radon is a natural occurring radioactive gas that is derived from the earth’s soil. The gas can seep through the lower levels of your home and throughout your house. Radon is not detectable by sight or smell and is proven to cause deadly forms of lung cancer. The only way to tell if your house has a radon problem is to test. ETTNW performs an activated charcoal test which is also valid for Real Estate transactions.

Basement underground

If your home does have a high level of radon, there are remediation systems that can mitigate the issue to help protect your family. We can direct you to a list of qualified contractors in your area that install these systems.

Don’t put off testing! It is recommended that everyone have their home tested for radon. In addition the EPA recommends retesting when buying or selling homes or when conditions change, such as renovation or occupying a lower level of the home. epa.gov/radon

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