Lead Testing in Oregon and Southern Washington

At Environmental Testing & Training NorthWest, we understand the dangers of lead-based paint, and more accurately lead dust. Exposure to a child can cause damage to the central nervous system and affect a child’s brain.

Danger lead Hazard with people testing the house

If your home or building was built or significantly renovated prior to 1978, chances are high that some lead-based paint is present.

Homeowners involved in renovation projects need to be especially diligent, as even minor demolition or sanding can cause a home to become completely contaminated with lead dust.

ETTNW provides the following lead services:

  • Lead Inspections: ETTNW is a certified Lead Inspection Firm, with trained and certified Lead Inspectors. Lead inspections are designed to locate all lead-based paint in a home, with a surface by surface investigation. Legally performed lead inspections can only be done by a certified inspector or risk assessor.
  • Lead sampling collection and analysis testing which provides detailed information on the presence of lead.
  • Lead RRP & Abatement training classes.

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