D-Lead Paint Test Kit


US EPA Recognized D-Lead® Lead Paint Test Kit

The D-LEAD® Professional Paint Test Kits are approved by the EPA for usage on various surfaces such as Sheetrock, Plaster, Wood, and Ferrous Metal. Certified RRP Renovators can utilize these kits to swiftly inspect painted surfaces for the presence of lead and decide if containment measures are required.

Every kit includes separate tests, D-WIPE towels for preparing the surface, a paint scraper, a Sampling tool, sample catch trays, and a disposal bag. The kit also provides new sampling cards to validate the accuracy of the test kits.

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The D-Lead® Lead Paint Test Kit quickly determines if lead based paint is present.

EPA Recognized

– Rapid results (only minutes!)
– Just as effective for red yellow, orange, and green paints (no extra time required)
– Minimal sample required (3/16″) with easy clean up
– D-Wipe® Prep Towels (included) to minimize sample contamination
– According to the EPA’s ETV Program, this test is the most accurate to detect lead in paint.

Identify lead and lead chromate coatings on various surfaces:

  • Structural steel
  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Sidings
  • Bridges
  • Water towers
  • Ships, docks & shipyards
  • Gas storage tanks

D-Lead® Paint Test Kit Instruction Manual (English)

D-Lead® Paint Test Kit Instruction Manual (Spanish)

D-Lead® Paint Test Kits Information Sheet

D-Lead® Paint Test Kit Record Keeping Form

D-Lead® Lead Paint Test Kit FAQ

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